First Presbyterian Allen

The People of God at Work, Worship, Study and Play!

First Presbyterian Church of Allen is blessed by the efforts of countless volunteers who help organize our work, worship, study and play each year.  Most of this organization is done by different committees of the church.  Following is a description of some of those committees and their work:


Christian Education Committee

This committee is responsible for the Adult, Youth, Elementary and Preschool Christian Education programs of our Church. Their goal is to build disciples by focusing on teaching prayer, building Bible understanding and literacy, and memorization of key concepts. The Christian Education Committee is also responsible for an annual Vacation Bible School, a Confirmation Class as needed and the Church Nursery.

 Congregational Care Committee

The Congregational Care committee is responsible for assisting the Pastor with the pastoral care needs of our congregation. Their ministries include: Family Care, Food Ministry, College Ministry, Card Ministry, and Communications.
 Evangelism Committee

The evangelism committee is responsible for new member assimilation into our Congregation. This committee oversees the following:  Welcome Packets and Letters for Visitors; Visitor Bread Ministry; Welcoming and Worship Activities for Seekers; Addressing current changes and needs in our community; Offering classes, small group fellowship and support for non-members; Challenging the congregation to continue to offer a place where members and non-members can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement; Oversight of Website and Advertisement; New Member Assimilation; New Member Information Folders; Inquirer’s Classes which introduce Christianity and Church Membership; and Membership Classes covering different aspects of the Church.
 Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the day-to-day financial practices of the Church including developing and monitoring the annual budget, accounting for the income and expenses of the Congregation, and reporting this information to the Session and membership on a regular basis. This committee also oversees the work of the Treasurer as elected by Session.

 Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee is responsible for overseeing the small group and all-church fellowship activities of First Presbyterian Church of Allen. Click on the Congregational and Community Fellowship Tab above for more information.
 Mission and Outreach Committee

The First Presbyterian Church of Allen is committed to mission in the community, the nation and the world. All members of the Congregation are challenged to help by giving of their time, talents and treasure. By focusing on all three of these areas, we fulfill our commission to love one another as commanded by Christ. A variety of opportunities are offered throughout the year that will speak to the different abilities, gifts and interests of our congregation. In addition, we also contribute to the Christmas Joy Offering at our Christmas Eve service, the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering at Easter.  Click on the Mission and Outreach Tab above for more information.

 Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for the people processes and procedures at First Presbyterian Church Allen. This includes establishing and maintaining relationships with non-clergy staff members, conducting regular performance and compensation reviews for the Pastor and Staff, conducting and maintaining background checks for volunteers who work with children and youth, and compliance with Federal Employee requirements. The Personnel Committee works with the Pastor to maintain healthy working relationships among staff members and between staff members and the congregation.
 Property Committee

It is the responsibility of the Property Committee to create and maintain an environment conducive to study, worship, fellowship and play. Day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the physical plant includes weekly cleaning, lawn service and periodic church-wide work days. Planning for the growing needs of the congregation is an ongoing focus of this committee.
 Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for promoting, educating, and encouraging Biblical stewardship in the life of our congregation and its members. This committee is charged with encouraging all members to make good use of their God-given resources as well as to make a tithe of their time, talent and treasure. This goal is achieved by providing continuous stewardship education for all ages. The Stewardship committee is also responsible for the Annual Stewardship Campaign which encourages pledges of time, talent and treasure to the ministry and mission of our congregation for the year to come.
 Worship Committee

Responsibilities of the Worship Committee include the planning and organization of all worship services. Opportunities for service include serving as liturgists, ushers, acolytes, communion preparation and cleanup, music, hanging special decorations and preparing for special worship services. A volunteer group is also in charge of the sound system in the Sanctuary during services. The Worship Committee oversees also the Adult Choir which provides music throughout the year for worship.  Click on the Worship Tab above for more information.
 Youth Committee

Youth of all ages are integrated into the life of the church. Through worship, outreach, mission and service, our youth work side by side with adults developing relationships and fulfilling our mission, “To be and make disciples of Jesus Christ.” In addition to Sunday School our youth groups enjoy regularly scheduled meetings that include faith, fun, fellowship and outreach. The Youth Ministry is coordinated and led by a dedicated team of adult volunteers and youth. The Youth Committee is also responsible for encouraging The Youth Ministry goals of FPCA which are:
         To call young people to be disciples of Jesus Christ